Lessons from Samuel – Part 2

This is the second in a 3-part series of lessons I learned in the Bible study Desiring God’s Own Heart by Kay Arthur. Inductive Bible study is a great method for reading, understanding, and interpreting biblical text using only the scriptures.

Twenty-four lessons from the 24 chapters of 2 Samuel:

1. The righteous do not delight in the demise of their enemies.

2. God brings victory in His time.

3. Do not attempt to control my own destiny.

4. Mourn the death of the wicked. It is the final separation from God for every unbeliever.

5. God blesses obedience.

6. Know what God requires and do it.

7. God’s promises are for me, as well as future generations.

8. God brings the victory over all my enemies.

9. Go out of my way to keep my word and bless others.

10. False assumptions have terrible consequences.

11. Sin begins in the heart.

12. Sin has terrible, far-reaching consequences./God forgives the repentant sinner, but the consequences may endure.

13. Sin is generational, and is often magnified in the next generation.

14. God desires to restore the banished one.

15. Partial restoration leaves room for sin to grow.

16.Accept the Lord’s discipline.

17. God preserves His godly ones.

18. The wicked will perish because of their sin.

19. God ALWAYS keeps his promises.

20. Choose whom you follow wisely, and heed godly counsel.

21. The consequences of sin linger long after its passions disappear.

22. The Lord is my Rock.

23. God’s covenant is forever.

24. I will not sacrifice to the Lord my God that which cost me nothing.

Which lessons resonate with you?

If you are interested in learning more about this method of Bible study, visit Kay Arthur’s ministry website: http://precept.org/

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