Got Hope?

The other day, while driving on the highway, I saw a bumper sticker on the car in front of me that said, “Got Hope?”

What an interesting question. My immediate answer was the words to the old hymn:

My hope is built on nothing less

Than Jesus’ blood and righteousness.

I dare not trust the sweetest frame,

But wholly lean on Jesus’ name!

On Christ the solid rock I stand,

All other ground is sinking sand;

All other ground is sinking sand.

Yes, kind driver, I do have hope. Thank you for asking.

Still humming the tune, I wondered if this was some kind of new Christian slogan, so I strained to read the answer on the bumper sticker. In very small letters, tucked underneath that big question, was the word “Obama.”

Interesting. So I tried the song again:

My hope is built on nothing less

Than government’s big promises.

I dare not trust my Maker’s frame

But wholly lean on government’s name.

On politics and programs I stand,

All other ground is sinking sand;

All other ground is sinking sand.

Hmmm…not really working for me.

There is a lot of talk about hope these days. Political candidates are all promising it. They turn it into catchy campaign slogans, because they know hope is something we long for, but always seems out of reach. The promise of hope within reach is appealing. We long for a better tomorrow, when all the wrongs of the world will be righted. But no political candidate can offer this kind of hope. True hope does not come from politicians, no matter who’s in the White House. True hope comes from the Lord.

Christians should be concerned with the affairs of state and governance. Christians should be involved in important social issues. But as Christians, we must remember that the LORD is still in His holy temple. The LORD is still on the throne, and the LORD still directs the heart of the king, or the president, as the case may be.

Politicians promise hope and change, but Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever. In Him I have put my hope!



1. Hymn Lyrics from “The Solid Rock” by Edward Mote, 1834

2. Habakkuk 2:20 “But the LORD is in His holy temple. Let all the earth be silent before Him.” (NASB)

3. Hymn lyric from “God is Still on the Throne” by Kitty L. Suffield, 1929

4. Proverbs 21:1 “The king’s heart is in the hand of the LORD; He directs it like a watercourse wherever He pleases.” (NIV)

5. Hebrews 13:8 “Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever.” (NASB)


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